About Us

Bring out the Champion in you!

About Us

At Z5 Courts, athletes can choose to hone their skills or just play for fun. Yes, we have fun, but also know when to flip the switch and stay locked in. With hard work, dedication and lots of training, Z5 Courts will make sure you manifest the champion within.

Conveniently located in Durham, within close proximity to highways, Z5 Courts provide a variety of sports in multiple interchangeable zones/courts. Each zone/court is separated by divider curtains. Complete with top of the line regulation equipment and flooring made of cushioned vinyl overlay, play experience is guaranteed to be safe and enjoyable.


* Contact us for possible sports set up other than basketball and volleyball *

Z5 Courts, Bring out the Champion in you!

Our Mission & Vision

Z5 Courts is a Sports recreational business bringing affordable, high-end sports equipment and space to athletes of all ages in the Greater Toronto Area.

Z5 Courts Vision

The mission of Z5 Courts is to be the leader in every player’s athletic development. We look to build the champions for tomorrow with high end sports equipment, accessibility and affordability 7 days of the week.


The values of a champion training at our facility include discipline, dedication, respect, integrity and sportsmanship towards all players. At Z5 Courts, we care about the growth of every athlete and these values are an integral part of a true champion.

What Sports We Provide

  • Full Court Basketball

  • Half Court Basketball

  • Volleyball Court

  • Pickleball

*Contact us for possible set ups for other sports*

Frequently Asked Questions

Can court space be rented for purposes not mentioned in this website?

Depending on specifics, most uses can be accommodated as long as they are sports related.

Is it possible to reserve a court during non-operating hours?

We realize how everyone has their own unique schedule, therefore, we strive to accommodate special requests on a case by case basis – please contact us.

Are there lockers available?

Yes, there are lockers and they are free to use. Quantities are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis. Lockers are to be emptied by the user at end of day, otherwise, lockers that are left locked will be cut open and belonging are put away.

What do drop-ins offer and what are the scheduled hours for it?

Please click the Book/Reserve button and see what hours we have available for drop-ins. Drop-ins are paid online and per person, played at specific courts and timeslots, with a cap of number of registrants. Drop-in times could vary, so please check our schedule.

Can outdoor shoes be worn to play inside the courts?

Boots, leather shoes, spikes shoes, and outdoor shoes with soles exposed to exterior elements (ie. snow, mud, etc.) are not permitted to be used within the courts. A change to a pair of runners or any rubber soled, non marking athletic shoes are allowed.

Can I bring food and drinks to the courts?

Food and drinks are not allowed on the actual playing area of the courts, they are only allowed in the seating/spectating area. Garbage and recycling bins are available in the area. If trash is not thrown properly, Z5 Courts have the rights to ban food consumption to specific personnel and groups.