Pricing & Services

At Z5 Courts, Bring out the Champion in YOU!

*Everyone entering Z5 Courts facility must show completed one-time WAIVER FORM at the front desk.

Court Layouts & Activities:


Zone 1 – Volleyball/Basketball/Futsal Court
Zone 2 –
Volleyball/Full Court Basketball
Zone 3 –
Pickleball/Half Court Basketball
Zone 4 –
Batting cage

* Contact us for possible set ups for other sports *

(Note: Courts can be rented for a sports themed party or other event use – please contact us.)

Pricing & Rental Information

By agreeing to booking with Z5 Courts, you are aware that we DO NOT provide refunds.

Instead, a credit could be given if request to cancel is made AT LEAST 3 FULL DAYS prior to your booked rental time.

Multiple day or week rentals (minimum of 10 dates of 2 hours each) are subject to additional discounts, please contact us.

  • Please note that each hour is 55 minutes (all rentals finish 5 minutes before rental end time) to allow groups to transition on and off the courts.
  • Rental hours outside of the above posted operating times can be accommodated-please contact us.
  • Whenever open during statutory holidays, hourly rates are the same as weekend rates

Note: Payments for the entire set of multiple bookings must be made in full before the first session.

**Prices shown are without tax**

Court Rental

Volleyball Court $70/hr

Full Court Basketball $70/hr

Futsal Court $70/hr

Half Court Basketball $53/hr

Pickleball Court $53/hr

Batting Cage $35/hr


*Everyone entering Z5 Courts facility must show completed one-time WAIVER FORM at the front desk.


Chat With A Z5 Representative

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What to Expect on Your First Visit

First Time at Z5 Courts?

Welcome, for all those visiting Z5 Courts for the first time, here are a few house rules to observe to ensure maximum playing time for your court rental.

  • Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your start time, then proceed to the front desk to confirm reservation. All individuals should be able to name the group they are with and/or the person that booked the session, otherwise, they will not be allowed entry.
  • Everyone who enters the facility MUST sign the one-time waiver form, otherwise, they will not be allowed entry.
  • Athletic footwear is to be worn at all times, except for wearing boots during the cold season, where upon entry they need to be switched to an indoor shoes.
  • Lockers are provided free of charge, just bring a lock and make sure to take all belonging at the end of your session.
  • All rental times end five minutes before the scheduled end time to allow for clean-up and group’s transition off and on the court.
  • If not rented, use of other zones/courts is not permitted even if they are open. Please stay on your rented zone/court to avoid additional fees.
  • Sorry, no pets are allowed in the facility.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED into any zones, other than water or sports beverage, where they must be consumed outside of the playing courts.

*Z5 Courts are not responsible for any lost items in the facility. *

* Z5 Courts does not tolerate any improper behavior such as fighting, threatening or taunting. Depending on the severity of the incident, it could result in an automatic rejection and banning of the individual(s) from use of the facility. Incidents could also be reported to the authorities as well. *